An Exercise…

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An Exercise in lighting and colour…whatcha think? I have a few more ideas with these pencils, hopefully they will pan out!

Strobist info: Canon 430 EX II shot on manual, 1/32 power using a homemade snoot’ish kinda deal! It’s a white foam squishy piece of material that can fold (pretty technical terms eh). I only wrapped it around the flash 1/2 way (trying to make the edges curve) so I could position it behind the focal point (causing the back end of the pencils to fade away). While playing around, I did find that I got a much better look if I angled the flash (so the top part is further away from the camera, the bottom closer to the tips of the pencils). Of course, the pencils were sitting on my black reflective Plexiglass (have I ever mentioned how much I love that Plexiglass?). Sure hope that made sense, it’s been a LONG day!



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45 thoughts on “An Exercise…

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  3. David, this is a great shot. And a great idea. As to plexiglass like that, I know just where to get some locally. At a plastics specialty store as well. I have previously had need of red and blue, but not for photos. Sure does give some ideas though.

  4. I like the lighting. I was thinking about doing something like this in 3D myself. Maybe I can use this one as a reference. Thanks!

  5. Black plexiglass, I’ll have to keep that in mind. Can you get at any regular hardware store?

    I think you nailed your exercise- it’s a crisp and beautiful image!

    • Hi Cara, thank you for visiting and commenting. I looked EVERYWHERE locally to find some reflective plexiglass and finally found some at a plastic specialty store about 50 miles from my house (who knew they even existed)! The plexiglass is called Cell-Cast Acrylic which is made by Chemcast and they come in all different colours (I picked up a black and a white piece). πŸ˜€

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