Sunset at Cap Sante Park

David Williams Photography Sunset At Cap Sante Park

Took a drive out to Anacortes today as I had borrowed a friends Canon 17-40mm L lens and wanted to get a sunset shot. So far, I am digging the glass. 😀

I realize the image is a tad dark but hey, it was getting dark out! Was kind of funny, but when I was out there (did I mention it was cold?), there was a boat doing doughnuts! You can see it just to the left of the top of the tree in the bottom of the image (or, check the Flickr link, it’s clearer). Ohhh well, enjoy! 

**Update 12.09.11: About the boat doing the doughnut, you can’t actually see the boat as this was a long exposure. You can see the wake which creates the doughnut (which can be seen easier in Flickr’s Lightbox)**


Want to see it sharper?
Click >>Flickr’s Lightbox<<

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