Just Another Sunset!

David Williams Photography Sunset Canon 5d Mark II

I often ask Amy which image she prefers and go with posting it (very rarely do I not follow her advise…come on, I know better)! Since Amy isn’t here right now, I asked Cait (my daughter) which image I should use for tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday post. You see, my original thought was to use this one, however, she had a very valid point. She said: “although I really like this one with all the colours, how the waves look like a painting and just how pretty it is, I think the other one tells more of a story!” She said a little more, but I can’t really go into it as it might give it away. 😛

About this image: Taken…on the Oregon coast. How did I get the waves to look like a painting (you really should click the Flickr’s Lightbox link, I think it looks so much better)? Photoshop? Some cool plugin for Photoshop? Multiple exposures combined? Nope, none of those happened in this single exposure. 😀 I used a Hoya ND8 filter on my lens (basically, a 3 stop filter…lets you have longer exposure time). Pretty nifty eh?

Oh, about the title….okay, it was an awesome sunset! Hope you enjoy…


Want to see it sharper?
Click >>Flickr’s Lightbox<<

© Copyright 2011 David Williams.
All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “Just Another Sunset!

  1. I’ve been thinking about a big ND filter too, but there’s no running water anywhere near here other than the very flat, very boring North Saskatchewan. Maybe I’ll invest when I manage to get coastal again.

    • Hi Mufidah, unfortunately, this is about 5 to 6 hours from here…and that’s with no traffic (which, there always is as we have to go through Seattle and Tacoma, two large cities here in Washington State). Perhaps one day when I retire (is there such a thing?) we will move there and enjoy the views all the time!

  2. An exquisite image, David. The water really is stunning. Quite a bit of the technical stuff you write about is over my head I’m sorry to say. But I always come away from your blog inspired to expand my technical skills and knowledge. Thanks for that! 🙂

  3. Maybe my eyes are tired, but I swear that water is moving when I stare into it. This is absolutely stunning. I have the Hoya ND4 and love using it on the river. I’ve been debating getting the 8 to take it down further.

    • You know, when I was working on this image, I had the same thing happen. I just had Cait come look and about 5 seconds into it she said, rather loudly, “Whoaaa, the waves started to move!!” What a bonus and as always, thanx for the comment Brandon!

      About the ND8…I love it…I love what you can do with it a little too much and realized that I needed to move up so I just picked up the ND400 (9 stop) this last week. 😀

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