Yaquina Head Lighthouse

David Williams Photography Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse can be found just north of Newport, Oregon USA. It stands 93 feet tall and has been in operation since 1873! All the lighthouses on the west coast have a unique repeating “light pattern”, Yaquina’s is 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off, 2 seconds on then 14 seconds off. I decided to convert to B&W and add a vignette for this HDR. I think the combo works well.



Β© Copyright 2011 David Williams.
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38 thoughts on “Yaquina Head Lighthouse

  1. Hi David, I really like this shot. The sky works well in black and white – the banding in the clouds is well balanced. I have the feeling it would have looked a bit dull in colour.

  2. Ahhh, nice! I’ve been there, wandered around this lighthouse. I spent part of my younger days in Corvallis, about an hour inland, and trips along the coast would start at Newport. It’s funny, but I think part of what makes lighthouses beautiful in our eyes, almost more than the physical structures themselves, is the romance we bring to them, the lore of lone keepers coming to the aid of mariners who are struggling to storm-swept shores. Your photo really captures that.

    • Wow, thank you Matt…what a great comment! I tend to agree with you, the romance part of lighthouses is a big factor! Your trips you took sound like so much fun, I plan to start heading down there more now that I have found the beauty (can’t believe it’s taken me so long to actually head there).

    • Thank you Mufidah, I am glad you liked the PP. This was one of those funny images where I sat there, tweaking minor things which lead to another idea (the B&W conversion) which lead to the vignette…it just seemed like it wanted to be in B&W!

  3. Wow – what an amazing image! I love your bright black and white conversion incredibly and the slight silhouette brings the whole composition together. The gentle clouds and the wind in the grass create a wonderful atmosphere. Brillaint work!

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting Skip! I have started to dip into HDR this year, I tend to like the “non-blown” out HDR images myself however, there are times when the blown out really do look awesome! I wish you the best of luck, you should check out Tray Ratcliff’s site >>Stuck In Customs<<, he's got a pretty good tutorial on HDR.

    • Lol, that totally cracked me up Brandon…it does sound like code doesn’t it? I have no idea what that door is, I am thinking perhaps it might have been some kind of service entrance…up high? Lol, I really have no idea!

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