No Moment Was Made to Last

David Williams Photography Canon 7d

“Oh my heart
In this universe so vast
No moment was made to last”

~ Nova by VNV Nation



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© Copyright 2011 David Williams. All rights reserved.


21 thoughts on “No Moment Was Made to Last

  1. I see this is a rerun. You are toying with us. Showing the excitement of spring in all its glory all this week then suddenly dumping us back into the dreariness of Fall. Is it your intent to demonstrate how fleeting happiness can sometimes be? Leave the old behind and bring out the new. I have been waiting for Spring all Winter.

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  3. What a beautiful seasonal image, the contrast between the vibrant yellow and the dark background is fabulous and I love the shallow depth of field. The apt quote really adds to the whole composition and the font is really lovely!

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