Macro Monday ~10.17.11~ Orange

David Williams Photography Macro Monday

From the Flickr Group Macro Monday: “This week theme is a super simple one with literally millions ways to represent. Your task is to bring to life in a macro fashion anything that is either orange, or represents the color orange.”

All Hallow’s Eve is almost upon us and there’s plenty of these orange bundles of sugar everywhere, why not capture some? Enjoy…


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23 thoughts on “Macro Monday ~10.17.11~ Orange

    • Hey Brandon, I am not a huge fan of Candy Corn either but I just had to go buy a pack for this one (SO couldn’t pass this one up)! Lol, you know..I have thought of them as pulled teeth before, I can SO see it!

    • Hi Em, it is the time of year for studio/product shots for me. I’ve been thinking of getting some form of rain gear for my camera…I know it’s “water proof” but still. Anyone have any thoughts or can let em know what they use?

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