81 Beads

1 bead per lap. 1/4 mile lap. 81 beads.

It’s estimated that 1,529,560 new cases of cancer were diagnosed and 569,490 cancer related deaths occurred in the US during 2010. Each year, The American Cancer Society hosts Relay For Life where teams are created to help raise funds to fight and find the cure. I guess one could say it’s sorta of like a walk-a-thon, there has to be a team member on the track walking/running/rolling/strolling at all times. Relay started at 3pm Saturday and ended around 9am, Sunday!

Locally, our event had 85 teams and raised $95, 894! Way to go Skagit County, woooot!

This year I hit my all time walking record at Relay, 81 beads which is 20 1/4 miles! Yup, 20.25 miles walked between 3pm Saturday and 9am Sunday. 😀 Enjoy…


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14 thoughts on “81 Beads

  1. I was walking at a Relay for Life in Ford City, PA, this weekend, too! I am sure I didn’t walk that many miles, but it’s an amazing event with some very powerful ceremonies – and it connects all us ‘relayers’ across the nation! Thanks for your participation! That’s a great photo to commemorate this year’s event. 🙂

    • It’s not the amount you walk but more so, that you walked! Thank you for walking and here’s to next year!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Mimi, hope to see you around.

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