A View Through The Doors

Okay, trying out the trail version of >>Silver Efex Pro2<< Software by Nik Software and have to say, really really cool from what I’ve been able to play around with! Can’t wait to dig through my archives to see what I can do. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now of course I had to use a Northern State Hospital building for my test subject, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t!

Wow, I just noticed the building Cait is in (from yesterdays shot) is the very same building as you see here, she’s standing in the large opening and I took the shot from outside (between the two buildings here) looking in! ๐Ÿ˜› Enjoy…


>>Flickr’s Lightbox<< I think this is yet another image that looks better in the Lightbox.

ยฉ Copyright 2011 David Williams. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “A View Through The Doors

  1. I like the look from here. I see you are trailing the Nik software, sounds like you like using it. I was thinking about getting the collection of their software too, maybe I could use the trial.

    • So far the trial is going well, I am really digging it. I would suggest starting with the trial, doesn’t hurt (although, the trial is only good for 15 days which is kinda short but, you will certainly get the hang of it). Thank you for the comment Martina.

  2. This is great and the B&W treatment doesn’t loose any detail. The footprints in the snow in the foreground are a nice touch. I was hooked on Silver Efex from day one. Great time saver indeed. I still use PS from time to time for portraits, but SEFX is just a great all in one stop.

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