Time Does Not

“Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.”
~ Max Frisch

Today was…interesting, busy, fun, hectic and, it’s not over yet! I decided to take a break from everything and grabbed my camera (with the 100mm macro) and headed out to the back yard. Now, I’ve been catching up on blogs (sorry everyone I normally follow, I will get to yours) and have been seeing more and more floral images. I figured, hey, I should have something up..HA, not! Instead I have a ton of Dandelions all in the same state as captured in this image. Oh well, might as well take the picture.

As I was working on the image, I thought I would throw on a texture layer. Ohh, I like but, not so much how the texture covered the subject. Threw on a mask, changed the opacity (of the brush) then brushed the lower layer through exposing more of the Dandelion but only in certain spots. I kinda like how the texture covers the back half. Was getting ready to post when, the upper corner really didn’t please me so hey, why not throw in a quote. Rather a fitting quote if you ask me. I see it as our time passes, we spread out unfolding ourselves, touching other lives as does this little sucker of a lion (not to mention my yard). Oh well, enjoy…


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© Copyright 2011 David Williams. All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “Time Does Not

  1. Looove. As usual 🙂 Bryson picks these for me (usually in this state, haha) and tells me “Flowers for you Mommy, flowers for you!” So I will always have a special place in my heart for these “flowers”.

  2. I’m speachless! This is fantastic! Great usage of background texture!!
    P.S. sorry, I’m not writing in English any more. I’m in the States this summer, and I wanted my parents and friends to read my blog so that they all konw what’s happening in my life. I’ll come back to English in fall 🙂

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