Splish Splash

Well, today was rain, rain, more rain…and then even MORE rain! I strongly believe the weather knows when Cait has a softball game, it always seems to rain!

A friend had commented that I hadn’t done any “studio” or “product” type shots in some time, what better time than a rainy day eh?

Strobist Info:

  • A Canon Speedlite 480exii to camera left, next to the spoon (okay, not next next to it) pointing towards the spoon and backdrop (a white foam board). Manual @ 1/64
  • Another Canon Speedlite 480exii to camera right, high pointing down towards the spoon. Manual @ 1/64
  • A Canon Speedlite 580exii to camera left pointing towards the spoon. Manual @ 1/128
  • My camera, sitting on a tripod…of course!
  • All fired with Cactus v5 triggers
  • A very yummy blackberry dropped into half & half creamer (which, I don’t use…had to go buy some)!



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© Copyright 2011 David Williams. All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Splish Splash

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