July 14th and 31st…

Today was a good day…even though I am sick.

One of the many things on my “must do” list is to obtain a current passport. Unfortunately, I need to submit a copy of my birth certificate and the very lovely Consular (really, she was awesome) at the Seattle Canadian Consulate informed me that my existing certificate just wouldn’t cut it…gee, wonder why! Anyway, I faxed in my application today and when I was looking at the certificate, I noticed the dates. Obviously July 14th is my birthday, July 31st is my daughter Kaylea’s birthday! After I saw that, how could I not take a shot? Enjoy…


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10 thoughts on “July 14th and 31st…

  1. That’s an amazing coincidence. I made the mistake of having my children’s birth certificates laminated, and then filed them away thinking they’d never have another care in the world. Until my son went to get his G1 (driver’s license) test. Then I had to go through all the rigamarole of re-applying for them.

    Nice picture, btw. I love the tattered edges–looks retro.

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