Seattle…Go Go Go…

Okay, so perhaps you might be wondering about the title? Well, the Seattle Seahawks play tomorrow and I thought hey, I posted a photo in honor of the 12th man, might as well post another photo of Seattle prior to tomorrow’s game! Anyway, here’s a shot that isn’t normally “taken” of Seattle. I was intrigued by how the skyline tapers off for some reason….hmmm, enjoy!


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14 thoughts on “Seattle…Go Go Go…

  1. Great shot, David! I love the sharpness of this, the composition, and the colors are beautiful. I’ve been enjoying the desert and the mountains these past few months but I am definitely in need of a city “fix” right about now. I love your Seattle skylines!

    • Thank you, I had ton’s o fun in Seattle, can’t wait to head back! Perhaps this time, I will get some “street” photography in…something I have never really done before! As always, thank you very much for the comment.

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