12th Man

Okay, as many of you know, I am not really a football fan. Having said that, I will (and do) cheer for the Seattle Seahawks!

What is the 12th man? It’s  fans of course being all loud and such. Qwest Field happens to be the LOUDEST field in the league (the fans can get as loud as a Boeing 747)! Seeing as how the Hawks made it this far in the playoff’s when all the “experts” said they couldn’t, I thought it only fitting that I post a shot related somehow to them. Enjoy…


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14 thoughts on “12th Man

  1. Nicely done David. I like the blend of modernism and nature in this composition. Seattle is a beautiful city and will definitely plan on visiting again in the future – last time we visited there was in 2000.

  2. Great shot! I’m planning on taking some city scape shots of Cleveland at some point, but haven’t found a place to set up yet. Where were you for these shots, on a rooftop, shooting out a window, alongside the road?

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