The Eagle Has…

So, for the last six or seven months I have been trying to get some bird photos and the suckers kept eluding me! This morning, Kaylea and I headed up Highway 20 to go eagle hunting and we found some! Kaylea totally cracked me up on our ride, at one point she was calling to the eagles to come out, it went like this “Eagles…eagles…eagles…come out, I brought some fooooooood” as she was patting my shoulder! Ahhh yes, she certainly is my child! πŸ˜› Enjoy…


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18 thoughts on “The Eagle Has…

  1. Lol… I guess now when you see an eagle, you’ll always remember this moment with your daughter. This reminds me those moments with my boys when they were young and the photos I took with it. It later represented more than just the subject.

    Looks like your persistence “paid off”. Fantastic shot!

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