Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “Make a photograph of something metal or metallic today with an emphasis on how light interacts with the surface.”

Hmmm, I had all day to shoot something and ended up just going through our utensil drawer and ran across this cool whisk. ๐Ÿ˜€

If interested, the whisk was sitting on a frosted piece of glass, a white foam board was behind it and used my Canon Speedlite 430 ex II set at 1/64 on manual. Oh yea, the Speedlite was high camera right.


>>Flickr’s Lightbox<<


14 thoughts on “Whisk…

  1. This is such a great picture–and the whisk really is unique, I’ll be looking for one of those now. You should send this in to a cuisine magazine–looks very professional.

  2. Oh what a nice shot to show off one of my favorite tools from the kitchen. Very nice composition and love the reflection.

    This whisk is very interesting looking… does it really have that round ball in the middle or did you put it there?

    • Thank you for the compliments Emily. The whisk actually has the little wire ball with the metal ball inside that one! Rather interesting looking isn’t it? To tell you the truth, it’s great for eggs…but that’s about it! Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜›

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