Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “Make a photograph today that visually communicates a sound. Your choice of sound, but do your best to make us “hear” it.”

As soon as I read the assignment this morning, I knew what I wanted to do but alas, I ran into problems (dur…it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t). When I got home this afternoon, I thought for sure I had some old speakers hanging about, sigh, nope. Off to the local thrift store just to find out they had none! Off to another thrift store but this time, double score! Not only did they have a cheap speaker but it was 50% off (ended up being just under $3.00 after taxes)! Wooooot!

Set up time, the damn water drops just wouldn’t work well with this weak speaker (I had the stretchy plastic food wrap around the top of the speaker), tried a little glass bowl with water…nope. Okay, rice, rice will HAVE to work…score, I am in business! Enjoy…



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