Devon’s Birthday!

Devon turned 14 today…man, where on earth does the time go? I had hoped we would have gotten home early so I could spend more time on getting a 1/2 decent portrait of Devon but, as things normally go…nope! So off to the back yard Devon and I went, me with my Canon, speed lite and a translucent (shoot through) umbrella and Devon with, well, with Devon! Oh well, happy birthday Devon!



3 thoughts on “Devon’s Birthday!

  1. I wish I could “like” every single photo on this blog! I’ve looked through like 20 of them, if not more. All are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
    And, happy birthday to your son! 🙂

    • Why thank you, it’s great to receive comments (brings a smile to my face for some reason), always appreciated! Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around my little blog in the future. 😀

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