Ahhh, to be posting again, feels good!ย  Many nights ago, while shutting down my PC, Amy and I heard a loud POP and then smelled burning wires….yes, my PC blew up! I replaced the power supply and alas, still doesn’t work. have a bad feeling a few other things fried. I decided now was a good time to try out Light Room 3, I think I like PhotoShop over LR3…meh, we shall see.

Okay, today Sedro Wooley had their annual trick or treat parade a day early (seeing as how many of the local businesses are closed on Sunday) and of course, we had to attend. This shot was taken with my back to the Amy and Kaylea, just turned the camera and and clicked away! Not bad eh?

>>Click to view more photos from today’s venture<<



8 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Actually this is a pretty fine shot ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you are back. Missed your photos.

    I have LR 2.7 and want to go to Photoshop but I’m scared – of the price and the technicality involved in learning it. And that I might lose the authenticity that I love about photography.

    LR is basic and user friendly for me, and does help me balance my already great moment photos but that seems about it. Nothing really gets altered and I like that. I struggle to love all the photos from photographers who take pictures of kids and babies who’s eyes look like marbles. That isn’t real ya’ know?

    Photoshop is a whole new world and it seems like you can make photography anything you want it to be rather than what it already is. Kind of like the cosmetic surgery craze that has hit our society. We no longer look natural ๐Ÿ™‚ If that makes sense.

    Maybe I’m just scared to move out of my comfort zone. I am amazed at some of the work out there as a result of Photoshop and overlays. Quite astounding. More like photo-art.

    • Thank you Nancy, it’s always nice to be missed, I really did miss posting and of course, taking the photos!!

      I totally know what you mean about “too much” processing with Photo Shop, my editing tends to be very minimal, remove that white fluff off a sweater, add my logo, things like that! I really do understand as I too, cringe when you have the marble “plastic” skin one gets from too much denoise. I say you should pick up an older version and play around, you might actually like it! I am starting to like LR3 more, just a program I have never used and need to get use to it!

      Again, thank you for the comments and thoughts, greatly appreciated!!

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