Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “Fire is dramatic, as it its effect. Make a picture of a flame or something changed by fire or flame.”

I thought of lighting up our fire pit which contains leaves, nope, didn’t do it. I then set off a flashy strobe kinda firework (which did look cool) but, as I was looking at the pictures it hit me…hairspray! We only have one can in the house (used for crazy hair day at Cait’s school) so I was in business. We put up a little Halloween tomb stone yesterday and hey, what a great backdrop eh?

Anyway…here’s my disclaimer…kids…don’t attempt this, don’t even think about doing this…you may just almost burn your parents house down (not that I know anything about that)…




12 thoughts on “Flame

  1. wow, that can could have exploded and caused the loss of a few fingers.
    ah, what the hell, cool picture, worth the risk πŸ˜‰

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