I have been wanting to take photos of water splashes for sometime now, finally decided it was time to take the plunge (hahaha, okay, that was bad…sorry)! I had a really good time with my self-imposed assignment and am really looking forward to capturing more.

The setup. I was on the hunt for a bowl today and on the recommendation of a friend (thank you Trisha and by the way all you readers, go check out her blog…Seasons Best Eats), I found some really cheap see-through plastic bowls which came in multiple colours. For this shot, I used a purple bowl, a baby blue foam board, my Canon Speedlite 430 EX II and finally my Tamron SP 60mm f/2 macro. Purple bowl…full of water (well dur). Blue foam board right behind the bowl, Speedlite to camera left and aimed at the foam board, set to 1/4 power. Did I mention I had an awesome time (yeah yeah, I am a geek at heart)!

>>Link to this photo on Flickr<<




20 thoughts on “Droplet

  1. Hey David, Nigel pointed me to your blog – I happened to post a water drop image on the same day!!

    I like your version… the empty space is complemented well by the drop at the top and the DOF on the splash is very well done – puts the focus where it should be

    • Christos, thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog(s). I definitely will be stopping by your blog to check out the water droplet (funny how we posted it on the same day). Thank you for your comments too, I will be taking more shots of water droplets for sure!

    • Only 62! Minus out a few for set-up shots (lighting, etc) so really, about 57’ish. Once I got the lighting down and position of the bowl, the next hardest..ahh, correction, the hardest part was the timing!

      I really suggest trying it, I had a blast!

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