9 Drops on a Mug

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment is: “Make a photograph with either a 9 or 6 (components of today’s date) in it represented in some way and post it today.”

I read the assignment this morning at approximately 6:20 a.m. and had the idea of having water droplets on the back of a cookie sheet. I tried it after I got home from work and didn’t like the colours so quickly threw that idea out. The next idea…plates. That image didn’t even make it into the camera as the water droplets dispersed as soon as it hit the plate. Great…so now what? As I was rummaging through the kitchen cabinets, Amy’s coffee mug caught my eye and woot, it worked! Enjoy…



4 thoughts on “9 Drops on a Mug

  1. Great imagination. I love the way that the water droplets seem to look textured. It’s a very clever idea and the way that the colour droplets are maginified work perfectly. Great DOF as well. 🙂

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