Self Portrait!

Hmmm…where to start? How about, I don’t like pictures of myself! Ha, having said that, I started to play around with my flash (Canon Speedlite 430 EX II) but there were no willing subjects so I had to step up and take a few of myself…bleh. This is my first time playing around with an umbrella, I think next round I will add a little fill light camera left as I think it’s just a little dark on my right side…thoughts? Did I mention the dislike I have of being  in front of the camera? TIA for any comments!



12 thoughts on “Self Portrait!

  1. I’m no expert on lighting or portraiture so I can’t offer any technical feedback but, that said, I like it! And it’s nice to put a face with the name!

  2. Nice portrait. I’m no expert just having started to play around with light myself, but I would have gone for even more contrast between the dark and light sides of your face. probably dial down the flash or move it further away from you. Nice job. I’ve been thinking of self portraits, because I hear you on the whole willing subjects drama.,..:)

  3. You’re a braver person than I! I hate stepping in front of the camera, and only do so when I absolutely must.

    Hrm. If not a fill light, or perhaps a hair/back light? To add a some sort of line of definition between your head and the background.

  4. I understand exactly what you mean about preferring to be behind the camera. I really like the self portrait, it’s very well done and I like the bw conversion. I don’t have an external flash and haven’t really looked into portraits very much so I can’t comment but I’m looking forward to seeing more of your portraits. Brhum is the portrait guy… If you’re looking for good constructive feedback.

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