Skagit County Fair ~ Part I

This last weekend wrapped up the Skagit County Fair and I got the pleasure of taking night photographs of the rides. I was a little disappointed with how they had set the rides up, wasn’t very appealing to me as many of the rides had “other” things in the way, such as trucks, flood lights (photo killer), other “non-cool looking rides”…hahaha, oh well. We had a great time at the fair. This was my first attempt at fair rides, came out pretty good!


Canon 7d | Tokina 11-16mm| 1 of 3 pictures

Click for larger image


4 thoughts on “Skagit County Fair ~ Part I

    • Thanx Sasi, I think my first attempt at night fair rides turned out well, looking forward to capturing more in the future. My biggest issue was the placement of the rides! Oh well, nothing I can do about that one eh!


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