Okay, so I have not posted for a few days, life has been insane lately.

I have been on the hunt for bird shots for a themed project (a shot related to…birds) and I have had zero luck getting any shots. The other day we were at Northern State Hospital and I happened to walk into a building and there were these three dead birds just laying there. Made me not only wonder what happened to these poor fellows but reminded me that life can, and will throw you major curve balls…a learning process which will hopefully make us a better…


Canon 7d | Tamron SP 60mm f/2 macro
Click for larger image


4 thoughts on “Demise

  1. I like the macabre, so this shot rocks! I love the detail your lense was able to capture. You know my mission is to find the beauty in the “ugly”. That being said, I think there is something very special about this picture. Can’t wait for the Sunday photo walk!

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